A motto and a logo for the same Cause of Beatification

Barcelona, March 1, 2018. – Taking place at the same time as the announcement made by the Holy See on the date of beatification of 16 martyrs of the archdiocese of Barcelona, the three congregations involved have presented a slogan and logo. Both elements will identify from now on the actions that are developed in relation to this same Cause of Beatification.



Every celebration requires a time of preparation. In order to approach this feast with our hearts ready to receive the graces of God through the new blesseds, we offer a video of the Beatification:


Father Teodoro Illera

Brother Joaquín Gómez

Brother Máximo Franco

Brother Joaquín José Puente

Brother Bernardo Puente

Brother Estanislao de Kotska Tajadura

Brother Ángel de la Iglesia

Brother Ricardo Guerra

Brother Acacio Mª Calleja

Mr. Gregorio Díez

Mrs. Camila Díez

Mr. Eliseo Moradillo

Sr. Andrea Solans

Sr. Mª Auxilio Noguera

Sr. Patrocinio Vilanova

Mother Carlota de la Visitación Duque


Capuchin Sisters of the Mother of the Divine Shepherd

Saint Peter ad Vincula Congregation

Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Hearts