Vocational meeting: 2 January 2018

On 2 January we find us in it Marries it Novitiate of Pallejà a good group of sisters of distinct communities to celebrate our vocational meeting. We present to continuation a brief synthesis of the content of the meeting made  by the Hnas. Dorotea Martorell and Teresa Térmens.

Like initial motivation projected the video of the “Hymn in honour of the martyrs of the 20th century”. It helped us to centre us in the subject of the meeting; the beauty of his music and letter approached us  to the 16 martyrs that soon will be beatificados and, in particular, to our Sisters  Andrea, Mª Help and Patrocionio: they died with the look put in Christ: “they Fixed the eyes in Christ and no longer went back backwards”.

Sr. Purificación Robredo, of the community of Barcelona-Sants, did us a very complete exhibition of each one of them, on his itinerary from small until his death, highlighting mainly his testimony of life consecrated and his courage and total donation to the Church and to the Father of the Mercies.

In his conference, Sr. Purificación described the climate partner-political of Spain between  the years 1931-1936 stressing the subject of the religious persecution. It remained very clear that our Sisters were victims of this persecution and that  died by cause of the hate to the Christian faith that extended in that society. It argued, also,  that in those difficult circumstances, our Institute kept faithful to Jesus Christ and to the Church.

The Sisters Andrea, Mª Auxilio and Patrocinio were authentic followers of Christ that gave his life by them. They murdered them in plenitud of life for being religious, that is to say, by his delivery to Christ and to the brothers.

His silence and his prayer on the way to the martyrdom were expression of his firmness in the faith and of charity. His confidence in the prayer through the plegaria to the Virgin Mary (with the rosary in the hands) and the invocations to the Holy Heart of Jesús, went his last words before delivering his lives to the Lord.

What a grace to have three sisters of our Congregation and see them proclaimed martyrs by the Church! All this us interpeló to each one of us asking us as be today witnesses of Christ in our world. All this invited us to each one to ask us how be today witnesses of Christ in our world.

In this so intense day we pray in front of the Very Saint exposed, pray the rosary with references to the martyrs in all the mysteries, participate in the Eucharist chaired by Fray Josep M. Segarra, ofmcap and had a beautiful recreation time directed by the young students of the Novitiate and of the Juniorate.

“As ours sisters want to be. Give our lives, join the hands and prepare us for a new dawn”.