We announce a great joy to you, the Lord has blessed us!

Announcement of the promulgation of the Decree of Martyrdom at Our Lady of the Victoria school (Antequera)

We announce a great joy to you, the Lord has blessed us!


Yesterday, December 18, the Pope authorized the promulgation of the decree recognizing the martyrdom suffered by our sister, mother Carlota of the Visitation, Franciscan of the Sacred Hearts, killed by hatred of the faith during the religious persecution in Spain on 1936 and 1937.

In the same Decree, the Holy Father recognizes the martyrdom of 3 Capuchin Sisters of the Divine Shepherd, 9 Religious of the Congregation of St. Peter ad Vincula and 3 lay.

Mother Carlota of the Visitation, was born in Nava del Rey (Valladolid) on May 20, 1872. He entered very young in the congregation and professed as Franciscan of the Sacred Hearts in 1889. It was for years the Secretary of our Blessed Mother Carmen, to whom she professed great admiration.

With the promulgation of the Decree of Martyrdom, the Holy Mother Church opens the door to the beatification.

We ask the Blessed Virgin, Queen of the Martyrs, that the testimony of all who have lived faithfulness to Jesus Christ to give life, encourage us to take the torch that they leave us and boldly walk the path of faith in all the moments of our existence.

We say with Mother Carmen, who today also joins our joy for the triumph of Mother Carlota, his faithful secretary:

Blessed be God, who loves us so much!



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